Welcome to The Beat by Pulse! The Beat is an interactive education series geared towards entrepreneurs and marketers. You can gain exclusive insights on the latest marketing strategies and tech platforms to propel your brand’s growth. 

Our goal is to help you find inspiration for your brand’s next bold step.

Our first episode in the series is Email Marketing Done the Right Way! 

Email marketing has been an effective marketing tool for the past decade. We have seen multiple brands gain great success with this tool. In our episode we invited one of the pioneers of personalization and email marketing - Jerry Jao, the founder of Retention Science to give us tips to monetize email marketing.  

Question 1: How do we make sure we get the customers' attention?

  1. Creativity captures attention. Try Emojis in your subject line.
  2. Subject lines with SALE or XX%-OFF always work. 
  3. Subject lines that are vague and short tend to get more attention

FACT: When customers don’t know what you’re emailing them about, they are more likely to be intrigued. 


Question 2: How do you recommend getting started with A/B testing?

  1. Test different Subject Lines
  2. Test Creatives: Try GIFs vs Static.
  3. Content is King! Come up with different angles, testing out the messaging. But remember not to overkill.
  4. Importance of Call to Actions. Get creative! Instead of saying 'Buy Now', try ‘Start Claiming’. Try copy that is unexpected and eye-catching. 
  5. Serving content gender specific. Predicting gender through the email provided 


Question 3: What are 3 common mistakes brands make in email marketing? 

  1. Email is not always a volume game. Sometimes more emails do not equal more revenue.
  2. Don’t over segment. 
  3. Don’t send a promotion/ discount in your first welcome email. You train your customers to expect offers, they are already interested! 


Question 4: Pop-ups can be annoying for a user. What are  3 TIPS to make the experience better?

  1. Tip 1: Wait 5 to 10 seconds before you show the pop-up. 
  2. Tip 2: GAMIFY! Spinning wheels work.
  3. Tip 3: Try an Exit Intent pop-up.


Question 5: What is the balance between Lifestyle Content vs Product Content? 

  • 60% lifestyle content and 40% product content


Question 6: How often should brands be sending emails? 

It depends on the number of products/SKUs your brand has. 

  • Less than 25 SKUs = 4-8 newsletters/ month. 
  • More than 25 SKUs = 8-12 newsletters/ month 

Please note - This does not include trigger/ automated emails! 


Question 7: What are the Top 5 must-have automated emails?

  1. Welcome Series 
  2. Abandonment Emails (Abandon-cart, Browse-abandon)
  3. Post Purchase (Thank you, Review Request)
  4. Lifecycle Emails (Birthday, Anniversary) 
  5. Win Back Emails 


Do you need help with your brand’s email marketing? Pulse offers support around email marketing strategy. Our team can help brands do content ideation, calendar planning, design, copy, and implementation. If you’re curious about our work, go to wearepulse.com or book a 15 min consultation here

You can watch the full webinar here!

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