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Our third episode in the series is Turn Your Customers Into Superfans! 

Having an efficient and robust customer experience is one of the most valued resources for a brand. It helps them engage with customers and connect with them on a personal level. We invited Nicole Baqai, Partner Manager at Gorgias, the number 1 customer experience platform to teach us how to build trust with customers like never before!

You can watch the full webinar here

Question 1: What is customer support automation?

A helpful customer service tool that automatically and efficiently generates answers to simple but frequently asked questions. For example: When will my order arrive?


Question 2: What is an omni-channel customer experience?

Different customer touch points (email, SMS, social, chat, phone) through a variety of different channels that are all connected. This allows customers to start a conversation on one channel and then continue on another.  


Question 3: How should brands manage inquiries coming from different sources?

Brands can invest in a third party integration like Gorgias that keeps track of every inquiry coming in as an individual ticket.


Question 4: Give three (3) ways for brands to create a consistent customer experience?

  1. Use automation whenever possible
  2. Personalize when needed
  3. Be proactive with responses


Question 5: What are the top most important customer support metrics that brands should use?

  1. Response time 
  2. Conversion 
  3. Resolution Time
  4. Amount of discounts and promo codes given


Question 6: What is customer support quality  and how does one measure it?

Understanding and then improving on the brand’s customer service. It can be measured by tagging or keeping track of every inquiry and conducting satisfaction surveys. Try to study these trends as frequently as possible. Be proactive especially when there are issues with the brand.


Question 7: How do brands turn detractor customers into promoter ones?

Understand the negative comment and offer a resolution. Brands can:

  • Give a refund
  • Offer expedited shipping
  • Send an extra product
  • Personally call the customer


Question 8: How should brands handle negative comments/mentions?

It depends on the comment. Most times a brand can hide the comment and resolve it privately. For consistent issues, bring it up to management or update the messaging on your site and other channels.


Question 9: When should brands start using a platform like Gorgias?

When the benefits of automation outweighs that of manual work. Automation will ultimately save the brand time and ensure the delivery of a consistent and branded customer experience.


Question 10: How many tickets can a rep take in a day and how many reps are needed?

Depends on how many responses the brand gets per day and how long it takes to resolve them. It also depends on the complexity of the product. 


Question 11: How do you convert a repeat customer to a brand ambassador?

  • Always reinforce discounts to them.
  • Create a more personalized experience
  • Provide affiliate call

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You can watch the full webinar here

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